Business Factory For
SME & Corporation

Our mission: to support corporations in facing their growth issues.

How we do it: We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve Corporate vision and optimize performance and productivity through Open Innovation projects and Digital Transformation Programs

Scouting, Tech-transfer e spin-off

We find the right startups, technologies, and trends relevant to your innovation goals

We believe in the combination of startup agility and corporate power. Startups need infrastructure, access to markets and know-how, while corporates need new products and services to stay competitive. We find the perfect startups in your search field.
We also facilitate the transfer of knowledge or technology from government to commercial organizations for new/improved technologies.

Digital Roadmapping

Coordinating and driving change throughout the organization leveraging new technologies

We support companies in designing their digital transformation paths. Through the identification of the most relevant technological actions and solutions, we enable them to face their own business challenges. We leverage the Design Thinking that helps to reshape internal processes as well as an organization’s business focus. We continuously iterate, prototype, and test, new models, solutions, and tools.

Corporate Venture Capital as service

Enable our customers to effortlessly reap the benefits of a world-class VC, while adding additional value to start-ups

Leveraging our Venture Capital Partners we support corporate  to build their own Venture capital program and manage investments, with a focus on strategic and financial value creation.

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Discover how we can help making the difference for your business. Business Factory's offices are located in Milano (Italy) and Nice (France).