Business Factory For
VCs & Business Angels

Our mission: to support Venture Capital during the Due Diligence Phase

How we do it: We provide technical and financial expertise leveraging internal and external network to give an non bidding opinion on the target company fo rthe due diligence.
We are managing the start ups in your portfolio, giving you regularly update on each company with clear KPIs.

Start ups Due Diligence

We analyze the growth potential of startups on behalf of investors, thanks to our methodology of valuation.

Deep technical and business analysis of the potential target. We leverage internal and external expertise to evaluate the readiness of the product or prototype of the start up and we provide a report . From a business perspective we are giving an evaluation of the applicability and need of the technology to the market.

Startups portfolio management

Your portfolio under controll,  start ups managed at their best.

We are managing the companies in your portfolio independently from the maturity. Leveraging our years of expertise as Managers/Founders we help your companies to growth and to successfully move to next level. We provide regular update to the VC board on the health of the portfolio and we accompany the companies to the exit and new financing.

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Discover how we can help making the difference for your business. Business Factory's offices are located in Milano (Italy) and Nice (France).